The RMSG offers group adult classes for every experience level. We do not currently offer drop-ins; new students must sign up for the introductory class, and may be invited to join the more advanced groups as their training progresses.

Our core curriculum is based on the “art of arms” (Italian armizare or arte dell’armi) of the late 14th century master Fiore dei Liberi. Maestro Fiore taught a system of combat intended for use by the knightly class in battle, duel, or tournament. His instructions include one and two-handed sword techniques; abrazare (grappling); unarmed knife defense; dagger combat; sword versus dagger and dagger versus sword; mounted combat; and the use of the sword, spear, and poleaxe in armour. For more details, see What is Armizare?

Introductory Classes

Training with the RMSG begins by attending our introductory class, held weekly on Saturday mornings. Over several weeks or months of participation, students will learn fundamental biomechanical principles, footwork, sword-handling techniques, fencing theory, and the basics of medieval swordplay. Once a student has gained the necessary foundation to participate in our Novice classes, they will be invited by an instructor to join the Guild.

All necessary equipment is provided in class, and we welcome adults of every body type and fitness level. Please note: We currently limit participation to those 16 and up; students who are not yet 18 will need a parent to co-sign our waivers.

The Introductory Class is available at a cost of $95 per month.

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Novice Classes

Once a student has graduated from the introductory class and joined the Guild, their monthly membership dues of $95 allow attendance at any class at their current level or below it. Novices may attend Novice and Introductory classes; advanced students may attend Advanced, Novice, and Introductory classes. Many students find it helpful to revise the basics and increase their practice time in this way.

Our novice classes are geared toward those students who have attended the introductory classes and have grasped the basic principles sufficiently. Here the student will have the chance to deepen their understanding of the “art of arms,” expanding their study of longsword technique, adding grappling and dagger techniques, and learning important safety skills such as falls and rolls.

While still focusing on the sword material in our curriculum, the student will begin to understand the larger martial system we practice, and learn how the Art works as a whole. Students will eventually develop the skills to join in free-play sparring bouts.

Novice classes are held on Saturdays and Mondays.

Advanced Classes

Classes for more advanced students are also offered weekly, by invitation only. These classes deal with more complex aspects of the art, additional weapons, and other historical masters and fencing traditions of the Middle Ages and Renaissance: these include Filippo Vadi, who followed Fiore’s work in the late 15th century, and Antonio Manciolino, an early 16th century master of the Bolognese school. Attending students will have dedicated themselves to serious, thoughtful practice, coupled with physical and mental discipline and a proven understanding of the core concepts.